God’s plan with man – part 2: Battle between light and darkness

Author: Cees Visser
Translation: Ruud Lammers, Dirk-Jan Dirkmaat, Roel Schipper

E-book (ePub with watermark)

PHOS publisher
ISBN: 978-90-808736-7-4
NUR: 707

Published in 2019
Price: € 8,50

God calls us out of darkness to his light. This book helps us understand what the Bible means by darkness. It also shows the power of light. It proclaims the actions of Jesus, who has conquered every might and power of the kingdom of darkness.That is why it is very worthwhile to read and study this book. Come along! Let us live in the light of the Lord. 

Cees Visser (1952) grows up in the Full Gospel. Already at an early age he is ‘seized’ by the message of the Kingdom of the heavens. After having accomplished an academic study at Leiden University he works till 1992 as teacher chemistry in a college of advanced professional training at The Hague, the last years on a parttime basis.
In 1985 the Lord calls him and his wife Christa to minister in the Full Gospel Congregation ‘Immanuel’ at Breda, where they both fully dedicate themselves for the work of Jesus Christ. As from 1992 this becomes a fulltime pastorship. As from 1988 Cees Visser publishes bible-studies about God’s plan with men.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 – The coming into being of the realm of darkness
 1.1 – Introduction
 1.2 – The fall of Lucifer
 1.3 – The realm of darkness comes into being
 1.4 – New situations in heaven
 1.5 – The realm of the dead and hell

Chapter 2 – The fall of man
 2.1 – For man an additional task
 2.2 – The first attack on man
 2.3 – The first sin of man
 2.4 – The being of sin
 2.5 – The consequences of sin

Chapter 3 – God looks out for man
 3.1 – God holds on to his plan with men
 3.2 – In the cool of the evening
 3.3 – God speaks to man
 3.4 – God shows the way
 3.5 – Through death
 3.6 – God clothes man
 3.7 – Out of the garden of Eden

Chapter 4 – The ancient times
 4.1 – Changes in heaven and on earth
 4.2 – Cain and Abel
 4.3 – Positive and negative processes
 4.4 – God calls Noah

Chapter 5 – The flood
 5.1 – Occurrences on earth
 5.2 – Processes in heaven
 5.3 – Consequences in heaven and on earth

Chapter 6 – The world after the flood
 6.1 – A new beginning
 6.2 – Beginning of idolatry
 6.3 – The tower of Babel
 6.4 – Heavenly power over evil spirits

Chapter 7 – Secrets unveiled
 7.1 – New possibilities
 7.2 – Belial: his name and his being
 7.3 – Belial reveals himself
 7.4 – The congregation conquers Belial

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